Leadership Transition Announcement

CEO Murray K. Griffin presents  COO Richard Deason a certificate recognizing ACC's 10th Anniversary..JPG

Although he is not ready to retire yet, Murray Griffin has announced that he has stepped down as President & CEO in February 2018. Understanding the impact that leadership changes can make on a company, he has chosen to make this change now while remaining as Chairman of the Board. He will remain actively engaged in the company and in touch with clients. Richard Deason, Chief Operating Officer, will take over as President and CEO. Chris Klamke, VP of Geotechnical and Environmental Services will continue to lead his group and also take on the role of Chief Operating Officer. Robert Brown, VP of Engineering Services, will also continue lead his group as well as take on the role of Chief Financial Officer.

With the help of his business partners, Murray founded Atlantic Coast Consulting, Inc. in October of 2005. With his vision and leadership, the company has grown from a small start-up to a business of over 40 employees and three different office locations. ACC began with the vision of being client focused and oriented by pursing personal relationships with clients. Throughout the 13 years ACC has been in business, each employee has contributed to that vision. Murray is very grateful for all of his clients who have supported and believed in him over the years, as well as the dedication that each of his employees has given to the company. Without our clients and employees, we would not be who we are today.

Richie Deason was a founding member of ACC in 2005 and has been the COO since the business began. He will be responsible for leading the company through this next strategic path. He also is grateful for the dedication of his employees and the support of ACC’s clients. Richie is excited for this next path toward strategic growth and continuing to grow a company where each employee has the opportunity to contribute. 

ACC began with the vision of six partners who are still together after 13 years of growth and success, which is an admirable accomplishment. Throughout this leadership transition, all six partners will continue working towards the company’s vision of being a client and employee focused firm. They will remain in direct contact with clients and employees as they always have. ACC is very grateful for all of the relationships developed over the years and knows that they are the true reason for our success.