ACC VP Joel Scott Presents at 2018 Environmental Policy Academy


ACC Vice President Joel Scott was asked by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government Environmental Academy to assist in Landfill 101 for state legislators that sit on either the House or Senate of the Natural Resources & Environment Committees in December at the CVIG Academy in Athens, Georgia. Mr. Scott presented a summarized version of the Landfill Operator Certification Program. Richard Posey of the Georgia EPD Land Branch and Bill Hodges of Hodges, Harbin, Newberry & Tribble were also presenters in Landfill 101. Because of Mr. Scott’s thorough and informative presentation, the Committee feels they are better prepared for what may come their way in 2019.

Mr. Scott will also be presenting this material for a session at The Institute of Government at “Mayor’s Day” for the Georgia Municipal Association on sustainability. This will take place at the Atlanta Hilton on GMA Mayors Day, January 26, 2019. Great job, Joel!